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nautilus We are presently in the Fifth World. Since the Vibral Core alignment on August 17, 1987, the Earth and all her Creature Children have entered the Fifth World of Harmony where the Sacred Circle comes back together. This event is popularly known as the Harmonic Convergence but we call it the Vibral Alignment because, on that day, all Vibral Cores aligned to face the sun. Our Vibral Core is the place where we are all connected to the Web of Life and is the center of our energy awareness. On August 17, 1987, we began a process of remembering, through this Vibral Core Alignment, that we are all connected through energy as one Whole United Being.

Following this Vibral Alignment in October of 1990, a new energy grid moved into place around the planet. For the first time in the evolution of the Earth, energy was flowing both into and out of Earth's Vibral Core at the center of the planet. The results of this energy shift are manifesting as changes in physical reality on a global, ecological, communal and personal basis.

Now, as the Earth changes are proceeding to alter the planet in many ways, each person is also adjusting to a new energy flow which affects our perception of the Uniworld, our attitudes and emotions. Just as the energy grid around the Earth has changed, so has the flow of energy around our physical bodies. Our energy is now flowing directly from our Vibral Cores and is awakening us to the awareness of a Global Family. Humankind is in the process of a major evolutionary development that will rely on bringing the knowledge of the talents and perceptions of our energy bodies into their maturity. We presently have the potential to change vibrations, taking on the role as creators. The survival of our species is dependant upon the awakening of our energy bodies and changing our vibration. As chaotic as the Changes may appear at times, it is truly an opportunity to step outside of our limitations and begin a new phase of evolution.

Medicine Wheel of Completion of the Earth Changes Article on the Vortex and Earth Changes
Medicine Wheel of Completion of the Earth Changes

2000   Releasing Lessons of the Past

2001   Remembering Our Personal Ancestor's Wisdom

2002   Reuniting Star Families

2003   Rebuilding Sacred Space

2004   Reconciling Our Love with All of Our Relations

2005   Relearning Fifth World Ways

2006   Recreating Thought Patterns of Harmony

2007   Rewriting Teaching Stories for Peace

2008   Recommitting New Goals

2009   Recognizing New World Energies

2010   Reemerging Personal & Earth Transformation

2011   Reforming Our Earth Path Commitment

2012   Revolution Celebrate Completion of the Cycle

Since I first started receiving the Vortex information from the Star People in the late 1980's, I have been waiting for a grand Universal event to take place. The Star People described it to me as a huge Vortex in Space and Time that our local Universe would pass through, resulting in major energy shifts on every level of existence. I knew that this event was a part of the Earth Changes that the Elders spoke about. However, with every physical Earth Change that occurred, the energy shifted but I did not feel the Vortex open up. Then, in August of 1999, I was given the message that we had entered this Vortex.

Our planet Earth entered the huge Universal Vortex on August 11, 1999 and exited it on May 5, 2000. It took nine months for our Earth to pass through the Vortex. During this time, and the two year periods directly before and following these dates, we are experiencing major upheavals in all areas of our lives. Physical issues like money, jobs, relationships and health are challenging our very existence. Emotional issues related to how we are following our promise for this Earthwalk are now in the forefront of our every decision and concern. On the spiritual level, we are searching for not only our Earth connection, but our Universal connection in order to feel centered and balanced. We can no longer survive unless we remember why we came to the Earthwalk and take responsibility for creating the New World that we came here to usher in.

A Vortex is an energy space that rearranges everything on a cellular level. It affects the very essence of our being, aligning us with our role in the Universal dance of life. The energy grid of the Universe is made up of Vortexes and we enter and exit our Earthwalk through Vortex ladders. When we are in a Vortex, we align with the Universal energy grid and healing occurs within our physical and emotional bodies and our relationships and situations in the world.

It is important to note that the center of this Universal Vortex occurred on Jan. 1, 2000. The center of a Vortex is a space of chaos that breaks things down and then rearranges them within Universal harmony. Knowing the principles upon which the Vortex works, I was not too concerned with the Y2K fears. I knew that this date was just the acceleration date for the transition into the New World. Because we have been preparing for this for this Vortex for the past thirteen years and will be assimilating the energy from it for the next thirteen years, I knew that we were in for a rough ride. Things must break down before they can be reformed. We certainly have a lot of work to do.

On July 14 of this year, as I was falling asleep, I received a message as a series of words to guide us through the Earth Changes. I feel that this message is a kind of map to let us know the energy that is present in each band of the Vortex that we will be passing through. I received thirteen words, each one relating to one year starting with this year, 2000, until the end of this cycle in 2012. We can anticipate the personal and planetary events that will be occurring during each year through the words and their descriptions. As we create the New World, we let go of the old and envision an entirely new reality. At times this may seem overwhelming, but the words can help us focus and take each step at the appropriate time.

All Universal cycles follow the Medicine Wheel, so I put these words on the Medicine Wheel for further inspiration. Releasing goes in the center and starting with Remembering in the South, I put the rest of the words around twelve places on the Medicine Wheel going clockwise. I also put my colors on the Medicine Wheel so that I could see the gifts that I could work with for each year. It's interesting to note that this year, 2000, is in the place of the Great Mystery, the center of the Wheel which has no color and no personal (ego) connection. We are in the place of trust now, like when we are in the Purification Lodge. The explanation is to release the lessons of the past, to let go and let the way be shown. This is not the time for creating and building, but rather the time for giving-away and letting go. After we create the space in our life, then new things will come to fill it up.

For simplicity sake, I like to work with the Four Directions in my interpretations of the Medicine Wheel. If you choose to put your colors on the Medicine Wheel, begin in the South with your first color at Remembering, your second color at Reuniting, your third color at Rebuilding and continuing on the entire way around the Wheel. You will use twelve of your colors around the Wheel. There is no Boundary on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes. These thirteen years are the process of moving beyond the boundaries of this world, so our boundary color guides our entire journey. Interpret the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes using this sentence: I (boundary color) in this journey, Remembering our personal Ancestors wisdom through my gift of (first color). Go around the Medicine Wheel, replacing the word Remembering with Reuniting and your first color with your second color, etc. the entire way around the Wheel.

In the South, where we begin each new round on the Medicine Wheel, and every experience of growth, is Remembering and Reuniting. Remembering our personal Ancestors wisdom and Reuniting Star Families are the first steps in creating this New World. Also sitting in the South on this Wheel is Revolution, the final word, where we celebrate the completion of this cycle of transition and prepare to begin the first cycle of the New World.

In the West, we have Rebuilding sacred space, Reconciling our love with all of our relations and Relearning Fifth World ways. The West is where we enter the Dreamtime to seek a vision for the future and the guidance of our Guardian Spirit. It often seems like we are walking through total darkness in the West. But, it is important to remember as we go through this time, that the Spirits are here to guide us if we are willing to listen. The answers to all of our questions and the direction to focus our thoughts for creating the future will be heard with our inner ears and seen with our inner eyes. During these three years, we have an opportunity to hear the rhythm of the Universe and see the vision of the Universal Dream.

We walk the next three years in the North on the Medicine Wheel, the place of wisdom and lessons. Here, we are Recreating thought patterns of harmony, Rewriting teaching stories for peace and Recommitting to new goals. What we learn from our walk through the West will be put into practice now. Using our gifts of birth, we each have an opportunity to influence the development of the New World through our thoughts and actions. In the North, we have the responsibility to preserve the wisdom of all of our Ancestors as a gift for future generations.

In the East on the Medicine Wheel, we are Recognizing New World energies, Reemerging with personal and Earth transformation and Reforming our Earth Path commitment. The East is the direction is where we receive inspiration and use it to create. These three years bring the opportunity for us to pull together all of the work that we have accomplished during the past ten years to make a foundation for the New World. By this time, the energy grid of the Earth will be solidified in an entirely new pattern to support the ways of living that we have created for the New World. Along with the planetary change, we will have created a new personal energy grid and we will begin to see these energy changes manifested in our personal lives and the environment around us. As the transformation occurs, we are each called to reform our Earth Path commitment and evaluate how our work during this time as fulfilled our purpose for this Earthwalk. We will see that our lives have a new direction in this New World.

After we have focused our thoughts to create the seeds for the New World and reformed our commitment to our Earth Path, we return again to the direction of the South on the Medicine Wheel. With all of our hard work now manifesting as the template of the New World way of thinking, we complete this Revolution with a celebration of the cycle. Every day will be a celebration of our purpose for being. There is no boundary on this Medicine Wheel. Revolution is both the ending and beginning of this grand Universal cycle. After our celebration, we enter the New World and a new cycle of Universal growth.

vortex energy medicine wheel Our period of preparation has ended. The Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes is a Medicine Wheel of transition, for we are already stepping through the doorway into the New World. This Medicine Wheel gives us the guidance to walk through this last round on the way to the future.

Whatever your personal philosophy and prophecy for this time, you can put it on the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes to gain further insights. These, and other prophecies for this time can bring inspiration and direction as we rearrange the Fourth World and create the Fifth World. We are all creators, walking on the Earth at this time to manifest Great Mystery's dream.

Spider is a teacher of Earth connection following the Taino tradition ofthe Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and the Wisdom Wheel teachings of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.

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