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Taino Indian Stories and Rituals of Women's Purification Lodges

In this section I will include articles about teachings and ceremony that the seeker can use, kind of like a give away. These will change from time to time. Permission is granted for copying and distribution of these articles, as long as they remain unaltered and include contact information. Please do not publish. Feel free to share this information verbally and please join with those of us who are doing ceremony every full moon to honor all of our relations.

I am interested in your comments and the experiences of these teachings and ceremonies. Thank you for sharing the vision of creating a new world of peace among all relations.

Taino Ti - honor to you,


The story of the Sacred Tree is written as the last chapter in my book, Songs of Bleeding, published 1991 by Black Thistle Press. This ceremony can be organized by anyone and is lead by the participants. In my vision I saw many people, all over the globe, following the Dance of the Sacred Tree and creating a new rhythm of harmony as the Fifth World emerges.

Since I first started receiving the Vortex information from the Star People in the late 1980's, I have been waiting for a grand Universal event to take place. The Star People described it to me as a huge Vortex in Space and Time that our local Universe would pass through, resulting in major energy shifts on every level of existence. I knew that this event was a part of the Earth Changes that the Elders spoke about.

Our period of preparation has ended. The Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes is a Medicine Wheel of transition, for we are already stepping through the doorway into the New World. This Medicine Wheel gives us the guidance to walk through this last round on the way to the future.

Since we have passed through the center of the Vortex in the year 2000, things have most defiantly speeded up. There is no foundation left for the institutions of separation that supported the Fourth World that we adults have lived in most of our lives. We have created time, governments, financial institutions, educational institutions, caste and class structures and ways of thinking that allowed us to see ourselves as separate from others. We have lived our lives thinking that validation came from someone or something outside of ourselves. All of that is a part of the past.

When Earth passed through the center of the Universal Vortex in 2000, the Fifth World began to solidify. There is a different energy surrounding our planet now. Time is passing by very quickly and we are witnessing the collapse of many of the institutions that were once familiar ways of life. Within ourselves, we are experiencing physical traumas as our bodies rearrange to accommodate the new energy vibrations. During this time, our DNA is being triggered. We are developing physical and emotional adaptations to survive in the Fifth World. Our senses of intuition, hearing and feeling are heightened. Although this may seem chaotic, we have an opportunity to grow in dimensions that were not available to our ancestors. Now we can really experience our connection with All Our Relations in the Web of Life and truly become creators of our own reality.

Spider is a teacher of Earth connection following the Taino tradition of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and the Wisdom Wheel teachings of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.
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  1. Reawakening, Remembering, I am the Life Tree - Illustration by Tenanche Semiata-Akuaba,   © 1992

    Tenanche is a Clan Mother, a Beike (ceremonial leader and pipe-carrier) and a Boitu (shaman) of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle. Her name means: "I am the Life-Tree, Mother of Spirits, Symbol of Fertility" in the Maya Indian, Taino Indian, and the Ashanti-Yoruba languages.

    Tenanche is also a member of Women of Visions, a Pittsburgh-based women's art collective and has exhibited widely. In addition, Tenanche is the founder and creator of Crystal Radiance Essences, rose, flower and gem essences that encourage healing through vibrational therapy. Her website is a reference guide of over 150 essences formulated to support spiritual healing and personal growth.

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