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Grandmother Twylah Nitsch: Seneca Elder

Guaba Guarikoku, Spider walking on the Earth, was the name given to Spider by her Guardian Spirit on her first vision quest. This name reflects her life path of reconnecting the Web of Life through the teachings of Earth Wisdom.

Spider is a teacher of Medicine Wheel Wisdom. The Medicine Wheel is a sacred Spirit connection that teaches a way of living in balance with MotherEarth, a way of honoring All Our Relations through ceremony and a way of healing ourselves through walking on our foundation of truth.

Spider is a ceremonial leader and practitioner of healing ceremonies following the Taino traditions of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle. She came to this path through apprenticeship with Taino Indian Shaman and ceremonial leader Miguel Sague, Chief Beike of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle. Spider has been with the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle for about fifteen years. As a Clan Mother with the Caney Circle, Spider carries the wisdom of the Women's Lodge. The Medicine Wheel and spiritual teachings of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle influence Spider's spiritual practices and written works.

Spider is also a teacher with the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, where she has worked closely with Grandmother Twylah Nitsch for about ten years. The Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, originally based on the Seneca Cattaraugus Reservation in New York, sponsored yearly councils where Spider participated as a teacher. Spider has also had the honor of assisting with organizing the Peace Elders Councils.

Spider is a non-native who had devoted the past twenty years to keeping the Earth honoring traditions alive. As the keeper of the Food Mother's Masks and Grandfather's Staffs, Spider has worked extensively with the Medicine Wheel. She has recreated the Women's Lodge as a format for women to honor their cycles and celebrate their life passages. Since the participation of children is welcome in all Caney Circle Ceremonies, Spider has adapted many of the stories and teachings of the Medicine Wheel for young people. Spider is married to a Cree man, Broken Limb, and they have a lovely daughter that they are raising and teaching in the Native way.

Spider is also an herbalist and teacher committed to living in harmony with MotherEarth and using her gifts wisely. These herbal recipes are prepared with love and rainbows using quality all natural materials to provide a healthy alternative to what can be purchased in stores, and are available through Spider's Herbs, a section of this website.


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